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The Beast Bites Back

by orängättäng

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Ben Harris
Ben Harris thumbnail
Ben Harris Not gonna lie. I brought this because of the album art alone. Turns out the music itself is rather good too! Favorite track: It´s not that i don´t like people.
patman thumbnail
patman ripping riffs, excellent production and funny lyrics. and the artwork is quite ingenious too, if you were to ask me. Favorite track: Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung.
stinky whistletooth
stinky whistletooth thumbnail
stinky whistletooth This album cured my Toe-nail Fungus! Favorite track: Hemorrhage.
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O! Ä! O! Ä! O! Ä! O.R.Ä.N.G.Ä.T.T.Ä.N.G.
What am I doing here, better get another beer go get drunk or leave the place now and here? Is it me you´re talking to, i don´t have the slightest clue not a single word is coming through! A member of the human race or just a freak from outer space Nevernevernevernevernever felt so out of place, Oh no it´s no use for tonight i´ll stick with booze, won´t leave this place until i blow the fuse! I´m a social Hemorrhoid, Beer Beer Beer will fill the void! Need not know ´bout your objection to keep on going in the wrong direction!
Small Talk 01:27
How are your today? (shut up) Pretty pretty good! (oh fuck off) What is it you do? (just shut up) Just doing what i should! (fuck off)
Shit Stinks 02:19
Sooo, shit stinks tell me more, predictable, such a bore, tell me what i wanna hear, to dissent is your biggest fear! Oh no way to go, all those dream you´ve called your own, bent completely out of shape, yo don´t know when it´s to late! Oh absoluteley, oh yes indeed! Oh so do I, How i agree!
Fortynine 01:39
An eye for an eye and a tooth for the Toothfairy a stone for each pig with the finger on the stick so much you can take until fists start to shake but only up to a line and thats forty nine to silly to stop with, to angry to quit ain´t no easy way out of this huge pile of shit that i must admit but life is too short to drown in despair forty nine, nine, nine is all i can spare it´s all i can bear!
Hemorrhage 02:01
Wallstreet´s collapsing the stocks are tumbling down we´re heading for a depression but im wearing no frown A new wave is coming things won´t be like before for better or for worse it´s gonna come knocking at your door! Market´s selfhealing powers have failes just once more the goverment says don´t panic it´s all safe and restore But the patient is beyond remedy and it´s in it´s final throes And not far from now a sign will be dangling from it´s toes.
Flags 02:01
Where did it come from, the idiotic pride Has it always been there or just been into hide No lessions learnt from the terrors of the past Proud and united or superior at last? Don´t give a shit about this nation gaining strenght through separation forming homogenous entities through national identities Stick the flags up your asses fight the patriotic masses leave all borders behind on the maps and in your mind! Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit
It was a friday night, was drinking in a pub and then this shithead came and punched me in the face fuck, did i ask you to make my nose bleed? Don´t even know you, don´t think i´ll ever want to! Just the other day, was waiting for a train what for a reason i got whacked up again I do remember it was uncalled for why don´t you just hit the sack and fuckin beat yourself to crap!
Can´t find peace, won´t find salvation Just frustration and alienation It won´t be alright and it won´t be okay Just festering hearts and toothdecay Home is where your heart is not Alone we stand, Together we Rot
K. T. Holmes 02:18
Don´t do this and don´t do that, gotta prove you ain´t no rat live your life don´t be no clone question all rules except your own do what you like and yet beware, the places you go, the things you wear we´ll smell a mole and thats for sure, viva, viva, social control! when you showed up no one knew you nor your past and the things that you do why and where and when and what give us everything you´ve got somethinigs fishy, somethings wrong, everybody knew it all along you can´t evade the mole patrol viva, viva social control! and now you know how katie holmes feels.
Ich nehm keine Drogen, hab jetzt ´ne eigene Wohnung abens geh´ ich früh ins Bett und morgens bin ich sehr früh fit, Putz mir ständig Zähne und tu alles für Hygiene, ich hab immer Klopapier und trink nur ganz ganz selten Bier lese niemals Bücher, wasche meine Taschentücher lege meine Sachen gefaltet in den Schrank gieße meine Blumen auf der Fensterbank. Ich fahr immer Bus und Bahn, brauche gar kein Fahrzeug fahrn ich geh gern spazieren um dabei zu konsumieren, kauf mir ständig tolle Sachen, hab mir abgewöhnt zu lachen ich glaube der Regierung, vertraue dem System, zu erst wollte ich nicht zur M.P.U. aber jetzt, so im nachhinein, kann ichs doch auch irgendwie verstehn..
why in hell 03:14
well it smells like shit and it reeks like piss thats the smell of home that i really dont miss all the rain pouring down will never wash away the stench it will creep into your bones and keep them constantly drenched down by the river watching big ships passing by i ask myself again again i really don´t know why why in hell am i still here city of dogshit, piss and beer why in hell am i still here been gone for a month but the stench is still here wanna turn right back and hit the road no matter where somehow i always come back to this god forsaken town wipe the shit of my boots and gulp another sip down one mor week it´s going through my mind i´ll be back in the van and leave this goddamn place behind
It´s not that i don´t like people I just feel better when they´re not around And it´s not that i hate to be sober I just feel better when i´m not It´s not that i hate the police I just feel safer when they´re not around And it´s not that i hate the fascists But i certainly prefer them buried deep in the ground No es que odie a nadie, Pero te odio a tí No es que odie a nadie, Sólo te odio a tí Racìscta de Mierda, Sólo te odio a tí Sádìco ìnculto Sólo te odìo a tí A Vececs no agoanto tanta ígnorancía A veces no aguanto tanta codìcìa Egocéntricos anónimos al poder Y yo me voy, Y YO ME VOY!


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released September 8, 2017

Orängättäng is:
Vic - Drums
Harry - Guitars and Screams
Krischan - Bass and Hollering

The Beast Bites Back was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio at Carajo Distortsion and Off-Ya-Tree Studios Hamburg.
Drums recorded by Nikola Mitrovic at Inex Film, Belgrade.

Cover Artwok by krischan@schrottkopp.de


all rights reserved



orängättäng Hamburg, Germany

Raging Shredder-Bretter-Hc-Punk since 2004.

Their live shows are pretty wild, and their albums are not bad either. Right now they are writing songs for the next album or something, but don´t hold your stinky breath! ... more

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