Schöne Scheisse

by orangattang

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Rrrabbitz, Reeperbahn and Buybuybuy originally released as a split 7" with Neue Katastrophen (who also wrote Reeperbahn, and did in turn a cover of our song Eieiei on their side of the single).
D beat is featured on the "here to stay" - Lampedusa Solisampler


released May 5, 2008

Recorded and Mixed by Björn Düßler in 2008.



all rights reserved


orangattang Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Rrrrabbbitzzzz
Rabbittz i recon we are
rabbits from Rome to Dakar
like Rabbits we run and we hide
scared shitless we roll up inside

we run, we hide
we eat, we drink, we shit, we sleep

rabbits the shag day and night
the devour their own fuckin shite
rabbits we are for fucks sake
and rabbits get eaten by snakes
Track Name: Buy buy buy
buy buy buy need to buy need to buy
why need i buy need i buy all the time
why need i buy need i buy to feel high
why need i buy buy buy buy to survive

the media gives you shit, at least most of it
swith off your tv, go out and hug a tree, its so easy you see

lie lie lie its a lie its a lie
i i i can try to defy
my oh my d.i.y. till i die!
Track Name: I´d kill for dbeat
It´s an obsession
it ain´t goin´ away
i listen to crust
give me some d-beat
´cos i like it loud
give me some gruntin´
grunt it out, grunt it out

my ears are bleedin´
i´m deaf as a stone
that doesn´t matter
i´m crust to the bone
give me some d- beat
cos´ i like it loud
give me some gruntin
grunt it out, gruntitout