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Stinky Songs

by orängättäng

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Eieieiei! 02:26
Sitting in the Subway with a Skinhead next to me Want to listen to my walkman but, oh shit, i got no battery Start a conversation and all he fucking say is bla bla bla bla ei ei ei ei! ei ei ei ei! Across from the Skinhead tere´s a really punky Guy I stare at his Mohawk when he suddenly looks my way I ask him for a beer and he gives it right to me I say hey, thank you, he says ei ei ei ei! ei ei ei ei! Sitting there, drinking, and having a good time till the ticket conductor comes to spoil our good time heading our way he burps whit a smile he says ei ei ei! and he fucking walks away ei ei ei ei!
Card Song 03:05
Well don´t you be mistaken It´s heading our way Orwell´s a good night Story Compared to what´s happening today No reason to get paranoid? i think there fucking is ever used a bankcard? you´re already on the list Information revolution opened up the door to spy out the consumers for the corporate whores Major Corporations putting data on a Pile Wating to create the perfect consumer profile Chip cards, Credit Cards, Client Cards & Debit Cards Barcodes all along, you really know whats going on Personal Data collected and restored put an end to privacy like fuken 1984
Have you ever left the city to take a walk along the fence All over it the thicket of barbwire is so dense That the ones locked up inside, they don´t have a chance to flee Waving hands behind steel bars is all we´re allowed to see Crossing the borderline For those who are poor i´ts a crime Not for all but for them it´s a crime Xenophobia is a weapon for those who defend the status quo But their fortress will collapse and then only time will show That the can´t lock out forever those whose countrys they´ve destroyed And one day they´ll face the anger of the ones that they exploit
Testosterone 02:41
I´m the ultimate alpha male, here to have it my way Completely irresistible, one hundret percent non-gay I need a pound of meat a day, it makes me feel alright I live the darwinist way of live, always up for a fight Testosterone, Eau de Cologne, Hard as Stone If you want to mess with me step up if you dare Give me self affirmation anytime and anywhere Got hair on my chest, hair on my teeth, hair everywhere I drink Idrink and i don´t stop, im half man half bear! I show up every now and then, sometimes i better hide Just for my own advantage i might show a different sight, you see, i´m not the only one, there´s other ones in the troop You´ll find me in the police corps, your local antifascist group
Extremhygieniker Hastenichgesehn! Extremhygieniker Hastenichgehört! Den ganzen Tach inne Dusche stehn! Vom kleinsten Dreck komplett verstört! (Staubsaug Staubsaug) Küche schrubben Tach und Nacht, hast da inne Ecke nochwattnichwechgemacht Millionen Mikroben umme Ecke gebracht In deiner schwarzen Seele der Putzteufel lacht! Extremhygieniker in jeder Ecke Extremhygieniker hier und da Alles glänzt das ich mich erschrecke Falleri und Fallera (Fensterputz Fensterputz Klospül) Tausend Stunden nervste mich voll Wie´s hier deiner Meinung nach aussehn soll Wie´s in dir aussieht sachich besser nich, Das is mir nämlich zu ekelich! Extremhygieniker Schrubberknecht Tausende Euro für Putzzeuch geblecht Putz den flur doch bis er bricht, aber nerv´ mich mit deiner Krankheit nicht! (Zähneputz Zähneputz AAAAAAAARRRRH)
I know what i want And i know how to get it The lif that i chosse won´t conform to society´s rules Lock up the doors, don´t let anyone in Make sure that the others stay out I know how to act and i learned how to talk Internalized the code Same as the Rest I ain´t any better So why do i contest? Reproducing the world i detest
Early Bird 02:22
I ain´t no early bird I won´t catch no worm worms aren´t tasty anyway that´s none of my concern Fuck the stupid early bird It´s nerve-wrecking cry He gives a fuck about my sleep Early bird´s gotta die Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill When i´m finally ready To open my eyes I regret it right away And i think i lost my sight Merciless rays of sunlight Are aimed at both my eyes Can´t stand it no longer Fuckin bird´s gotta Die KillKillKillKIllKillkIllKilklll
Hit the Mole 03:52
Hit the Mole with a shovel on the head Beat the fucker with a cricket bat It fucked up my lawn, that it´s gonna regret Gonna bash it ´till it´s flapjacklike flat When it comes up it´s hill it´s gonna hurt bad When i´m done it won´t find a fitting head It´s relative gonna be really sad ´cause it won´t recognize it´s mom and dad With my lawnmower i´ll turn it into shreds I´ll ferment it and smoke it in cigarettes There won´t be helping doctors and Vets Gonna make an ashtray out of its head
No Way José 03:18
No way to think What it´s like to be free When your mind´s locked up and you can´t seem to find the key No way to get out Just products of out time Where i can´t leave these doubts Nor this fucking time behind No way to stay sane No chance i´ll keep still Send one more to psychiatry Break another fucking will No way to keep silent There´s nothing left to lose If this system wants to break us Resistance is what we chosse When your head feels numb And there´s no way out Your thoughts go round in circles Get up and shout You know something´s wrong But you can´t say what´s right Don´t let those doubts kill you Make them a reason to fight!
Mouth can´t form words vision´s a blur On evenings like this i just might start a war Shut up fuck off get out of my way And what the hell am i trying to say? Where is the bathroom, i need to pee I´m on a journey and no one knows where it will take me Life is a bladder ´bout to explode, don´t you dare stop me I know the intention of my destination
There´s lots of stinky folks But there´s no one as bad as myself You better don´t come near me If you care about your health ´Cause breathing in my presence Would be be your definitive doom Most people run in panic As soon as i enter the room Trying to hide from a hideous force That can turn life into death It´s wicked, toxic, disgusting It´s the fucking smell of my breath When you smell at my feet you´re probably gonna die When i lift my arms the birds fall from the sky I don´t need no heavy muscles, i don´t care ´bout stupid guns The force of my stench makes armies run crying for their moms I don´t even shower on christmas and i never brush a tooth And my devastating farts can knock an elephant of the roof Smell my feet Smell my breath Pull my finger Face your death


Orangattangs first LP.
Ah, the memories!

We recorded this thing on a Weekend in 2005 after being a Band for about 1 1/2 Years. Our Rehearsalroom back then was In the Veddel Museumshafen area and was really great. You could piss out of the window, and every now an then the Power died because everything was connected to One fuse.
We spent the night recording there and the Nightguard was a really scary looking dude. We got evicted shortly after.
Nino did all the recording, and made the initial mix, after which we decided to Re-record the Vocals and mix the rest ourselves, which took of course a while because we had no idea what we were doing.
We put it out on Vinyl by ourselves so we could keep all the money and buy Beer, which worked better than we thought.

Probably there are some on Ebay or Discogs.

This download is for free, but if you can, donate some here:




released June 6, 2007

Harry: Guitar and Vocals
Vic: Drums
Krischan: Bass and Gebrüll

Music Recorded in 2 days at our old Rehearsalspace at Freihafen Veddel in November 2005 by Nino Davids. (thanx nochmal aller!)

Vocals Recorded by Oräng somewhhat later.

Mixed after a lot of Lagerung by Nino and Krischan during 2006 and probably 2007.

All Music and Lyrics by Orängättäng

Artwork by www.schrottkopp.de


all rights reserved



orängättäng Hamburg, Germany

Raging Shredder-Bretter-Hc-Punk since 2004.

Their live shows are pretty wild, and their albums are not bad either. Right now they are writing songs for the next album or something, but don´t hold your stinky breath! ... more

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